The Blueprint: God's GPS


A Captivating New Online Study Guide Series Explores the Lost Sanctuary


Do you wonder about the future...your future? 

If you have ever desired a clearer understanding of the Bible, its prophecies, and end time events, you've come to the right place!  Gain a greater understanding of the entire Bible. Set the time aside. Block out the distractions, and prepare to be amazed! Learn More

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Level 1 Preview-Introduction

In The Blueprint study guides, part 1, “Origin of Sin and the Plan of Redemption,” you will learn:

The fact that a battle is raging between good and evil is one that cannot be denied. But how did it begin? And why?

Many have sought answers to these questions from many different sources, but  this study guide series is designed to reveal what the Bible has to say about evil, its origin, and its ultimate end. In this study, you will learn about the rebellion of Satan, the plan of salvation, the stunning prophecies of the Bible, and the truth  about God’s character. As you go through this study, scene after scene will unfold, like an epic movie, the greatest mystery of all time, and you will discover six powerful keys that unlock and solve this mystery.

This online study series is a comprehensive chronological view of the Bible in four parts consisting of 16 lessons.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, The Blueprint study guides will provide the answers you have been seeking to make sense of our world. Simply go through this study with an open mind and you will be enlightened—and perhaps even surprised!


Level 2 Preview

In The Blueprint study guides, part 2, “God’s Advance and Satan’s Counter,” you will learn:

  • About three amazing time prophecies in the book of Daniel chronicling the history and future of the conflict between good and evil

  • How the events of the cross were prophesied within the sanctuary blueprint

  • How Satan would attempt to destroy the plan of salvation by corrupting Christianity

  • How God would counter Satan’s attempt

  • How the judgment of Satan will commence

  • About the amazing history behind the Dark Ages as foretold in the Bible

  • … and more!



Level 3 Preview

In The Blueprint study guides, part 3, “The Final Warnings,” you will learn:

  • How the everlasting gospel would go to all the world

  • Who is “Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations”

  • What the mark of the beast is and how it will be enforced

  • How the “time of trouble” will come about

  • Why the plagues are poured out and how to be protected from them

  • … and more!



Level 4 Preview

In The Blueprint study guides, part 4, “Earth’s Final Movie,” you will learn:

  • The truth about the second coming and the rapture

  • What happens to the dead when Jesus returns

  • The truth about the 1,000-year period of peace

  • What happens to the world when Jesus returns

  • About the great judgment

  • The fate of the wicked

  • The great manifestation of God’s fiery love

  • Why sin will not rise again a second time

  • … and more!


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